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Why Paper Rhyme?

Let’s get back to our basic philosophy…the lost world of advertising—an idea with relevance, originality and impact from a creative mind…to the sharp edge of a pencil, to the nib of a pen, to the soft head of a brush. Machines would merely serve men; men would lead machines to execute concepts and thoughts from brain to paper. And everything from an advertising agency would be a unique execution, a canvas full of human touch with a mixture of arts and science, men and machine. This is what we call ‘Paper Rhyme’.


Paper Rhyme will thrive to offer its clients a one stop total creative, media and activation solutions – from strategic brand planning and the development of powerful creative to an efficient implementation of campaigns with the highest possible media and public relation coverage

Our consideration

  • Understanding clients business
  • Size, scope, culture of the client
  • Quality of work
  • Depth of talent-both side
  • Commitment to deliver
  • Specialization
  • Mixed remuneration models
  • Brand P&Ls


Paper Rhyme Communication Group

   - Advertising (Professionals: 40)
   - Paper Rhyme Public Relations (3)
   - Paper Rhyme HealthCare
   - Advertising (Professionals: 40)
   - Advertising (Professionals: 40)

Group has stakes in:
   - Chhapaghar Printing Press    - Financial Excellence Limited

   - One of the BATA campaigns have been awarded in BATA
   - International Campaign
   - Srijon Samman Award for Robi, Recognition from India

Our Strength

  • Our people is our strength, senior team members have work experience of an avg. of 12+ years
  • Trained abroad
  • Worked with MNCs
  • Media planning tool
  • Nation wide activation capacity
  • Extensive PR exercise


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